Thursday, July 21, 2016

Psalm 128: Blessings of Those Who Fear The Lord

Blessings of Those Who Fear The Lord
  • It is important to remember the distinction that blessings from God are not based on our merit.  That is, fearing God does not make us deserve blessing, but rather yields blessing, in and of itself.  Also, God may sometimes choose to give us blessings, whether we are walking with Him or not.  
  • Verse 2 ties the idea of enjoying the fruits of our labor, which will yield blessing and make things to go well in our lives.  It occurs to me that the most unhappy times in my life are when I am not working to earn some kind of a living, but when God blesses me with gainful employment, I am very blessed indeed to enjoy good food, a car to drive, a place to live and everything else that goes with having a stable income.  
  • It is interesting that verses 3-4 ties fearing the Lord to a good family, saying that a wife will be “like a fruitful vine”, and your children like “olive plants all around your table”.  I believe this tells us of the stability and good that comes from the home that is led by a godly man who, as verse 1 tells us, “fears the Lord, who walks in His (that is, The Lord’s) ways”.  
  • Furthermore, verse 6 says “ may you see your children’s children”.  I have heard many grandparents proclaim the blessing of grandchildren in their lives, and surely this is a blessing that awaits those who fear God and walk in his ways.  

Application to modern life in this case is pretty straightforward.  A man of God will be open to receive blessing who fears God, that is, reverences Him with a faith that yields action (James chapter 2), and who walks in His ways.  
The command to “walk in His ways” implies that action is taken.  We must make the choice to put one foot in front of the other, being in the Word and in prayer every day, and thus walk with Him. 

Father, help us to do just that.  To seek you every day with our whole heart.  For it is from you Lord that true blessing comes into our life (James 1:17).  Please let these blessings be manifested in our lives, by the grace made available to us through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Amen.